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Draw Down the Moon, A Collection of Short Stories

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COMPARE FULL RETAIL PRICE: Paperback $28.88; eBook $7.99
Author: Edited by Elizabeth Bridges and Lori Michelle Hawks
ISBN Paperback: 978-1-387-69617-8

Now available! Release date August 22, 2022

DRAW DOWN THE MOON, which takes its title from a line in Sextus Propertius's Book I, Love Poems to Cynthia, is the third anthology of short stories assembled by Propertius Press. A woman has her husband's consciousness downloaded into a voice box so they can continue to be together. A fortune teller falls in love with a winged boy at the Circus and struggles thinking of ways they can be together, for always. A widower learns about love from the movies. A kiss in the library leads to the question: is it a dream, or a cinnamon bun? A woman puzzles over the reasons a coworker that she considers a good friend suddenly makes her think of a former lover. A woman longs to return to her watery home, but cannot leave the love she has found on land. Inside these pages are carousels, and magic horses, and long nights with too much drink and not enough hope. There are surprises, and disappointments, and above all, wonder. And love, of course.

Edited by Elizabeth Bridges and Lori Michelle Hawks, this ambitious collection of over forty tales evokes the mystery and tension of relationships, as the stories evolve along a theme of romantic love, in all its rawness, oddity, and power.

Draw Down the Moon will be available in print paperback and ebook in all digital formats, here in our Bookstore and wherever books are sold.

Over forty works of short fiction - our biggest Anthology yet. You won't be disappointed.

6" x 9", 478 pages. Printed on archival quality paper.

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