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Dear Readers and Writers...

We are a small, not-for-profit indie publisher of provocative, engaging literature, non-fiction, and verse for the discerning reader of any age or interest. (Not-for-profit = we are not a non-profit and we are not tax-exempt. We pay taxes and operate a little like a cooperative.)

Think of the books you’ll take on a vacation, curl up with over a long snowy weekend, encourage your friends to read, and buy multiple copies to give as gifts. The ones you keep on your shelf, ready to read again or share with a friend. These are the books we offer.

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Who We Are

We are lovers of reading, of writing, and of the printed word.

We love the smell of books, the feel of crisp paper; we like to take our reading material everywhere we go. We’ve embraced all forms of media because what’s portable is useful, and electronics helps to preserve old manuscripts for future generations. And if you've noticed a family resemblance among the pictures below - yes, a few of us are related. Our love of reading and writing grew organically from childhood, and our desire to bring the freshest, most interesting books to the reading public is so strong that most of us are volunteers. It's one way we give back to the world.


In January of 2022, we celebrated our tenth year in publishing! Our mission at Propertius Press is to enrich the lives of readers around the world through fostering and stimulating an appreciation for the diversity of literature, non-fiction, and verse, and to offer a platform for talented writers of all walks of life. We provide the reading public with an expanding collection of engaging works by new and established writers, especially those from cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds that are historically underrepresented by traditional publishers.



Small. Independent. Not-for-Profit.
We have only three part-time volunteers in primary roles at Propertius Press, so we are truly tiny.
That way every purchase goes directly into getting more books into the hands of readers.
We do depend on many diverse contract professionals from all backgrounds, who assist us in editing, indexing, graphics and marketing, distribution, and other aspects of publishing.


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