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David and Reza, by Caren Pickering

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COMPARE FULL RETAIL PRICE: Paperback $18.99; eBook $5.99
Author: Caren Pickering
ISBN Paperback: TBA

Available Early Summer 2023

Two kingdoms at war. Two crown princes. Their meeting would change not only their own lives, but the future of their respective kingdoms. David and Reza is a story of two young men, in an ancient time and place. David is captured in battle and sold as a slave to Reza. From master and slave, their relationship turns into friendship - and then love. David however comes from a country which actively disapproves of such relationships, and he battles for a long time against his feelings. In the end, he must overcome his scruples. But their relationship is put to the test by an unexpected turn of events. David realises he is bound in chains more fragile yet far stronger than any made of iron.

Short-listed in the BBC/Arrow first novel competition, the tale of DAVID AND REZA will linger with you long after you turn the last page.

Approx 194 pages. 6" x 9". Printed on archival quality, acid-free paper.

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