"It is always a pleasure to discover an author who has a voice and a distinct style. "The Blues, Mary" starts strong and holds its ground, being very personal yet universal. ...There is a real poetry in the images and scenes, a love of NYC and the urban life which hugs as much as it slaps the character. Palpable emotions are illuminating the novel, deep and also delicate, raw but yet refined."


"Eanes ...mixes heartbreaking lyricism with clear-eyed analysis of the social conditions that shape her characters and she shows the reader inner and outer landscapes of surpassing sadness and enormous beauty. These are perhaps her greatest strengths as a novelist—extraordinarily musical language, amazing descriptive power, and the ability to create landscape and characters that refuse to fit a single category. Yes, her Alabama is harsh, it is behind the times, it is often unpretty. It is also strong, resilient, nurturing and unforgettably lovely."



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