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The Looking Glass, by Carla Sarett

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COMPARE FULL RETAIL PRICE: Paperback $14.96; eBook $4.99
ISBN eBook: 978-10059-449-02 ​
Author: Carla Sarett
ISBN Paperback: 978-13651-327-66

Released October 8, 2021

THE LOOKING GLASS offers the art world from New York to Paris, tenacious women artists, and enigmatic lovers. Carla Sarett’s prose is as graceful as many of the paintings described in this story of art and love. --Barbara Alfaro, author of CATBIRD

“With subtlety and grace, Carla Sarett’s THE LOOKING GLASS depicts the historic repression of female artists, and the passionate sparks that they nonetheless leave in their wake.” --Sonia Taitz, author of THE WATCHMAKER'S DAUGHTER

"THE LOOKING GLASS is engaging, beautifully paced, and well-shaped. The characters spring up fully formed, revealing psychological depth. Each player sounds different, no mean feat. The societal forces that have always obstructed women personally and professionally are sensitively drawn in this fictional milieu. I'm certainly going to read this book again." --Cheryl Snell, author of RESCUING RANU

“THE LOOKING GLASS offers a rare glimpse of early 20th century women artists struggling for authentic lives. The elegance of a young bohemian caged in a Vionnet gown, the near invisibility of an artist who paints in her husband’s shadow, the graphic truth of a young photographer who suffers no hypocrisy-even her own. Artists and their work are inseparable as their lives intertwine from an all-female art colony in 1932’s Rockport, Mass, to 1962’s chic 57th street gallery, as well as the worlds of New York’s high society, Paris’ free anonymity, Venice’s mix of art and business. The subterfuges of women artists preserving their freedom to create is a fascinating subject. Why are women artists so rarely seen in museum collections and textbooks? Some answers here in the necessity of their lives.” --Susan I. Weinstein, author of THE ANARCHIST'S GIRLFRIEND

A female artist fights for success in a world dominated by men and expectations of conventional sexuality...

Claire Charles, a member of 1930s New York high society, has been trained in painting in preparation for marriage, but shocks everyone by pursuing art as a career and her own inclinations. In Paris, fifteen years later, she collides with Leah, a mysterious artist who has been secretly painting for her husband. When Kay Charles, Claire’s 16-year year old niece, reluctantly models for a portrait, the lives of the three women become intertwined. Claire’s voice alternates with James, a handsome art dealer, and Kay, who claims a special legacy. From Manhattan to Paris, galleries to artist colonies, from the 1930’s to the 1970’s, THE LOOKING GLASS is a story about women, art, and memory.

96 pages. 6" x 9". Printed on archival quality, acid-free paper.

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